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As you may already be aware, our authors write to their current research, likes/dislikes and the timing of the year. With this said, we would love to hear what interests you as a reader. What battles, leaders, topics fire your Civil War interests? Please feel free to post and answer to this question, so that we may help shape some of our future posts and topics.

10 Responses to We Would Like to Hear from You!

  1. I am most interested in the impact of the war on civilians/towns, both economically and socially. Am also fascinated by the quirks of famous leaders; for instance the titillating letters Lee wrote to other women. Finally I really enjoy learning about how slave-owning planters survived (or didn’t) after emancipation. Living in Fredericksburg, where grand old plantation homes abound, makes me yearn to know more about the people who built and perhaps lost these fabulous places.

  2. My main interest is the battles themselves: debates over strategic and tactical decisions, the role of unforeseeable circumstances and pure luck, how the backgrounds and personalities of commanders shaped events, first-hand descriptions by common soldiers, the role of topography (maps are much appreciated!) and supply considerations, speculative what-ifs, etc. In sum, I want to know what happened with regard to the sequential cause-and-effect of movements of men within battles as well as from one battle to the next, preferably on the regimental level.

    I would like more coverage of cavalry actions because they are often left out or glossed over in book studies. Also I would like to learn more about field-fortification engineering (am still foggy about some of the terms) and artillery.

    I am not as interested in purely political subjects except as they impact the military realities, and vice versa. Civilian viewpoints are always of interest.

    So, as you can see, you all are doing a great job as far as my preferences are concerned. Thank you!

  3. My interest is in notable Civil War persons who also had famous decendents and common soldiers who had decendents who became well known. Also of interest are Civil War soldiers who had famous ancestors. These family ties are most interesting.

  4. I am always fascinated by the absence of scholarship on civilian casualties. books today never give us any info on civilian casualties. Can we believe that at Fredericksburg, for example, no civilians were hurt/killed. The great mystery of the War!

  5. Sam Watkins said his Famous “Company Aytch” was the sideshow of the big show. That is what I prefer to read. Sherman’s memoirs,or even Hood’s overly defensive reports are interesting; but they are the letters home, and battle descriptions by the private soldier that really pique my interest the most.

    1. I agree with you; it is especially interesting to learn what is NOT true (and omitted altogether) in the generals’ reports and memoirs.

  6. Strategy, tactics, and most of all, decision-making by those in command are the things that intrigue me the most. That, and, of course, Civil War cavalry operations. 🙂

  7. I am interested in the photography, the images sent in sketches home, the soldier accounts that make the war personal and relatable

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