Perryville, Kentucky
August 12, 2012

What I love most about this picture, taken near tour stop 17, is the water tower in the background that looks like an H.G. Wells-style Martian tripod.

Sesquicentennial events are underway at Perryville this weekend. The anniversary of the battle is Monday, October 8.

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  1. I think it looks like the aliens in the first episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, but, from what I understand, the Confederate line extended to where that tower is (or near it) and that helps provide at least some perspective on how long the line was

    Today was a very good day – the weather was good and the crowd seemed to be large. It is a beautiful park and I hope more people come to appreciate it, as well as the battle that took place on these hills

  2. Ever since I read Kenneth Noe’s book about this battle, I have been keenly interested in visiting the ground. Thanks so much for this picture; it helps to adjust my mental image to reality. Especially wish I could be there for the 150th.

  3. Amanda, the park is simply beautiful – very clean and still in a small, quiet area, but if you visit, be prepared for the hills. It will definitely give you an appreciation for what the soldiers did, especially in the midst of a drought in 1862. It can be a challenge, but is worth it.

    1. Richard, do you know if they ended up raising the money to replace the wayside panels? The fiberglass on many of the signs was cracked, making them really hard to read. When I was there in August, there was a fundraising effort underway to remedy that.

    2. I’ll happily take on that challenge! Just waiting for my life to allow time to travel there.

  4. I have not heard that and I did not see any of the panels this weekend. I’ll try to ask about it or the progress of the fundraising. With the crowd there this weekend, I’m sure they raised some money, but I don’t know if they have planned to use that for anything specific.

  5. After Gettysburg, this is a defining major Civil War battle. The occupation of Kentucky and Tennessee by Federal forces proceeded with some occasional interruptions. A Union victory was taking shape in the Upper South.

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