Thank You for 500

How appropriate that we wrap up the Thanksgiving weekend at the same time Emerging Civil War hits its 500th post. It gives us the perfect opportunity to say “Thank you” to you, our Constant Reader, for joining us as we’ve taken a look back at the war with fresh eyes. We’re grateful to you for companionship, your loyalty, and your support.

We hope it was an enjoyable Thanksgiving for you, your family, and your friends–and we look for 500 more posts, and beyound!

2 Responses to Thank You for 500

  1. Thank YOU.I feel a lot more indebted to you than you may think.You are right about your taking “a look back at the war with fresh eyes”, that is what appealed to me as soon as I first read your posts.I have learnt a lot since then_and I am still learning.Thank YOU for all the work and efforts implied in writing your posts.I look forward to reading (and learning from) your next 500 posts and_hopefully_ beyond.Thank YOU from a constant,enthusiastic and grateful reader.

  2. In these difficult times, as in other difficult times, it is refreshing to find a bright spot or two. Chris/Kris are two of the brightest spots on the planet. They do all this for the love of history, and if things work out well, then it is for the right reasons. ECW has made a significant difference in my life. Being able to find a forum for ideas, and meet like-minded people is the best. This blog and its related projects is a perfect example of how the Internet should work. Many of those 500 posts are mine, so I add my thanks to you, Constant Readers, as well.

    Huzzah! and a couple of Tigers! GRAUGH!

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