The Trenches at North Anna

imageThe North Anna battlefield, so often overlooked, is operated as a county historical park by Hanover County, VA. The park boasts some of the best-preserved earthworks in the Eastern Theater, thanks to the good corporate stewardship of the General Crushed Stone company, which donated part of the land for the park. 149 years ago today, Lee lured Grant into a trap at North Anna but failed to spring it because of illness.

3 Responses to The Trenches at North Anna

  1. Those are some very well-preserved trenches there. Sadly, I have not been able to make it to as many battlefields in Virginia as I’d like to see (New Market, Cedar Creek, Sayler’s Creek and Appomattox are the only battlefields in that state that I have been to). However, since I’ll probably be up around that area next year for one or more of the 150th Reenactments, this is definitely one that I’d like to see.

  2. Live nearby in Fredericksburg and have visited. It really is a great park and they have done a good job interpreting it. Thanks for the great photo and the reminder to go back soon!

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