ECW Logo Design Competition

LogoWe are still accepting submissions for the ECW logo design competition!  Please pass this along to any artists and graphic designers you might know!


  • The logo should make a simple statement about our organization and our mission.  The image should not be so intricate that the detail would be lost in the multiple forms we will use it.
  • A Civil War theme is preferred (ex. US/Confederate flags, guns or artillery, etc).
  • If you include our name in the design, please produce two designs: one with “Emerging Civil War” and one with “ECW.”
  • The image must be able to be reproduced at at least 300 dpi at 4 inches wide.
  • Submissions should be emailed to Assistant Editor Kathleen Thompson at by December 31, 2013.  Submissions should include your design and a short bio and photo of yourself for publicity use in the event your design wins.

Winner will receive**:

  • Publicity on the Emerging Civil War blog as the winner.
  • If the winner is a student, ECW will send a press release to the student’s school, university, and/or department to recognize the student’s achievement.
  • A signed copy of a book from the Emerging Civil War Series.
  • A $50.00 cash prize.
*Emerging Civil War authors and their families may not submit entries.
**Emerging Civil War reserves the right to reject any or all submissions for use as the blog’s primary logo, even if the image wins the competition.

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