ECW Weekender: New Civil War Parks Around Dalton, Georgia

PotatoCreekSign-smAlthough the 150th Anniversary of the fighting that opened the Atlanta Campaign has been quiet compared to the Overland Campaign, several things have occurred, the best being the opening of two small “battle” parks around Dalton, Georgia.

The first is Fort Fisk in Mill Creek Gap, a position where the Eufaula (ALA) Light Artillery were deployed to help stop Sherman’s push into Mill Creek Gap.


The second is Potato Hill, another gun position, but one that covered the North side of Dalton. Potato Hill is very imposing and must have been a dream position for an artilleryman.


On May 9, 1864, John Schofield’s Army of the Ohio received orders to attack the northern line of Confederate defenses in another diversion to aide McPherson’s move through Snake Creek Gap. The demonstration brought down a shower of iron upon the advancing bluecoats in the rolling fields of Crow Valley, turning into a long-distance contest that soon drove the attackers to seek shelter from the well-placed shells of Rowan’s 3rd Maryland Artillery deployed on Potato Hill and sharpshooters of Tucker’s Mississippi Brigade deployed in support of the gunners.


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  1. I went to these sites today in quiet observation of the 150th. Potato Hill is magnificent (and extracts excellent exercise in climbing it). At one point the path led one right into the earthwork where I lingered and became a soldier glaring down upon the exposed enemy in the valley below. Also enjoyed Fort Fisk and the equally exerting climb up Buzzard’s Roost, of particular interest as it is where my husband’s great-great-grandfather came under fire for the first time. Also hiked along the works of piled stones at Dug Gap and visited General Johnston’s HQ where Cleburne’s memorial shocked his comrades-in-arms. Next week: Resaca!

  2. Does” Cleburnes memorial” refer to him speaking for enlisting the slaves? I know he was killed in Tenn.

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