Question of the Week for April 13, 2015


Appomattox was only the beginning. Of the remaining surrenders, which one fascinates you most? Which one do you wish you knew more about?

5 Responses to Question of the Week for April 13, 2015

  1. I know a lot about the eastern theater, but I don’t really know alot about the surrender of Joe Johnston in North Carolina.

  2. I would like to know more about Stand Watie’s surrender. I’ve got the book, but haven’t read it yet.

  3. I agree with Seth Barrow – I’d like to know more about Johnston’s surrender to Sherman.

    I’d also be interested to know how many CS cavalry units actually surrendered. I recently finished a biography of J.S. Mosby and he basically broke up (disbanded) his command, but to my understanding, they did not have a formal surrender. I wonder how many others chose to do it this way to avoid humiliation or because they were afraid of imprisonment.

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