From the ECW Archives: Bennett Place Redux

ECW contributors Chris Mackowski and Phill Greenwalt have both made visits to Bennett Place that they’ve written about for the Emerging Civil War.

In fact, Chris’s post, “The Road to Bennett Place,” was his first-ever contribution to Emerging Civil War. In the post, he reflects on Bennett Place as a place of endings and beginnings: the end of war and the start of peace, for instance. And for him, it was the end of one phase of his career and the start of another. Chris’s essay was recently adapted into an appendix for the ECW Series title Calamity in Carolina: The Battles of Averasboro and Bentonville by Phill and writing partner Daniel T. Davis.

Phill’s blog post, “Bennett Place,” was coincidentally written two years and one day after Chris’s. Phill puts the surrender in context with other unravelings around the Confederacy, and he offers a little advice for travelers visiting the site. Phill also did an appendix for Calamity in Carolina that examines the friendship that sprouted from Sherman and Johnston’s meeting in the Bennett farmhouse.

We invite you to dive into our archives and check them out.

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