We’re all up to our eyeballs in symposium prep today. It promises to be an excellent weekend at Stevenson Ridge. We have guests coming in from as far away as Illinois, South Carolina, and New York (and our own Meg Groeling and he husband flew all the way in from California). Aside from the great line-up of speakers, the panel discussion, and our keynote speaker, Dana Shoaf, we’re looking forward to some time on the field, too.

Best of all, it’s a great chance for all of us at ECW to get together in person and enjoy some “face time.” We enjoy our sense of online community, but few things beat the chance to get together in person, smoke a few cigars, and “refight the war.”

For those who can’t join us this weekend, our talks will eventually make their way onto C-SPAN, which is joining us for both days of the conference. We’ll also offer some updates along the way!

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  1. Any thoughts of when cspan will broadcast the program? Don’t want to miss it. Not as good as being there but next best thing. Thanks.

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