Symposium Takeaway: Dan Davis

We’ve asked our ECW historians to reflect on the symposium and share with us one or two takeaways they came away with. First up: Dan Davis.

“Throughout the course of the weekend I had the opportunity to personally interact with a number of attendees. Some I had met outside of ECW, corresponded with over e-mail or during last year’s symposium. Every time, it felt like I was talking to old friends, whether it was downstairs after my presentation or in the middle of running an errand and stopping to talk with an individual on the front porch. At the end of the tour on Sunday, an attendee mentioned before he left just how accessible we are. That drove home the point that people feel comfortable with us and are having fun. As public historians, if we can make the Civil War accessible and fun, we are on the right track.”

1 Response to Symposium Takeaway: Dan Davis

  1. All of you guys are very accessible and always take time to talk to us, whether it be myself or my young children. It honestly makes us feel a part of what you do at ECW.

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