Question of the Week—Sept. 21, 2015: Preservation

For those who’ve ever visited Franklin, it’s interesting to see that battlefield being reclaimed. (Read about those efforts here and here.)

What is your favorite piece of preserved or restored battlefield?

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5 Responses to Question of the Week—Sept. 21, 2015: Preservation

  1. Andy Douglas says:

    Favorite is Slaughter Pen Farm in Fredericksburg, VA

  2. Paul O. Hunt says:

    CCBF is doing a fine job at Cedar Creek. Family connection.

  3. Chris Kolakowski says:

    Perryville Battlefield. From 98 acres in 1992 to over 1000+ today, and growing. A true preservation success story.

  4. Edward S. Alexander says:

    The recently restored historic landscape in between Fort Welch and Pamplin Historical Park on Petersburg’s western front. But I’m biased.

  5. Daniel Davis says:

    Brandy Station. Its one of the first battlefields I visited as a child with my Dad.

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