Question of the Week – 10/19/15


This week’s QotW comes from Dave Powell who asks:

What’s the most interesting NON-BATTLE Civil War (or Civil War related) site you have visited? i.e. Ford’s Theater, or the Columbus Naval Museum, etc.

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10 Responses to Question of the Week – 10/19/15

  1. My vote would have to go for is such a different place to be in plus you have the Prisoner of War Museum there.

  2. Phil LeDuc says:

    The Mariners Museum/USS Monitor Center in Newport News, VA.

  3. Chris Kolakowski says:

    I visited Lincoln’s tomb as a kid and remember what a profound impression it made. I have to also agree with Andersonville and Mariner’s/Monitor.

  4. Meg Thompson says:

    The New York Military Museum–where a lot of Ellsworth documents reside, and . . . here it comes . . . the Marshall House Flag and Ellsworth’s bloodied uniform reside as well. Be still, my heart!

  5. Andy Douglas says:

    I can think of two – the Mariner’s/Monitor where I touched a part of the Monitor – and Ford’s Theatre and being there exactly 150 years to the time of the assassination. The feelings were intense at both events!

  6. I am with some of the others… the Mariner’s Museum / Monitor Center in Newport News, VA. Though I’d also say Arlington National Cemetery for obvious reasons.

  7. Charles Martin says:

    The USS Constellation in Baltimore Harbor, used in blockading duties off the coast of Texas. Also the last sail only wooden ship built for the US Navy

  8. Probably the National Museum of Civil War Medicine in Frederick, Maryland – but I would also love to explore Winchester, Virginia and return to Lexington, Virginia. Hard choices!

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