Check out the All-New “Emerging Revolutionary War”


If you’re looking for Rev War Wednesday, we have some great news for you: an entirely new blog devoted entirely to the Revolutionary War era!

Check out our brand-new sister blog, Emerging Revolutionary War.

Many of our ECW contributors have Rev War credentials of their own. Coupled with the many great guest contributors we’ve had as part of our regular Rev War Wednesday series, we’ve had a growing stable of Rev War writers. It seemed a shame to keep them kooped up on Wednesdays. So, to give them more elbow room, we’ve launched an entirely new blog—which is great, because readership for Rev War Wednesdays has certainly grown strong enough to support it.

Many familiar names from ECW will pop up now and then at ERW, but look for wholly original content from some fantastic historians and writers. Under the capable leadership of ECW’s Phillip Greenwalt, who serves as ERW’s editor-in-chief, Emerging Revolutionary War is certain to surprise you.

While some of the site is still under construction, there’s already some great content there, so we hope you’ll check ’em out!

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