Happy Veterans Day

VetsDay2015We spend a lot of time here at Emerging Civil War talking about soldiers. Chances are, as individual historians, we all had parents or grandparents who served in some capacity once upon a time. And all of us–historians and readers alike–have friends and neighbors who serve even now.

And of course, many of our readers are current and former veterans.

I try to remind people, when I talk about the battles, that the men fighting in them were not some abstract, far-off entities. They were men just like me and you: men with hopes and dreams and fears; men with families of their own. Most of them wanted to do their duty and then get back home. The men and women in uniform today are the same way.

They were just like us. They are us.

The statue from the Connecticut monument at Andersonville National Cemetery seems to capture that sense for me: just a guy, just a person, who looks just like me and you, ready to do what he has to. The statue otherwise lacks the accouterments of war. It’s just a guy. It’s just us.

On behalf of everyone here at Emerging Civil War, we say thank you to those who’ve served–those who’ve served throughout our nation’s history and those who serve today.

5 Responses to Happy Veterans Day

  1. How very true! We often forget when talking about the wars before we were born that these were real people with lives before the war. You said it wonderfully. Thank you to the Vets!

  2. As a proud 20-year veteran of the Army Medical Corps, I appreciate these thoughtful words and comments.
    On another note, I now realize NCCWRT has two Chris’ to invite to visit our group!!

    1. You’re welcome, Gene. Thanks for your service.

      One good Chris deserves another. And with Kris White to also throw into the mix, that’s more than most folks can handle! 😉

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