ECW Welcomes Sarah Kay Bierle!

Bierle, Sarah--smEmerging Civil War is pleased to welcome Sarah Kay Bierle as a regular contributor.

A self-described “historian, writer, speaker, and living history enthusiast,” Sarah has a BA in History from Thomas Edison State College.

Sarah enjoys sharing her love of history with audiences of all ages through interactive presentations and good writing. “History, research, and writing are my passion,” she says. “I desire to make history more understandable and accessible to Americans who stumble through school thinking history is a collection of random dates, places, and events. Through thought-provoking writing, I want people to reconsider the past and find lessons which may inspire them to live stronger and more courageously.”

Much of Sarah’s research focuses on real people and their trials and successes of everyday life in challenging eras, with a primary focus on the Civil War. Her interests include the war’s effects on maritime industry, the civilians’ struggles, surgeons and medical care, and officers and families of Virginia. She has also published an award-winning, well-researched historical novel about civilians at the battle of Gettysburg.

When not researching and writing, Sarah enjoys spending time with her family and friends, reading classic literature, quilting, and traveling. She maintains a personal blog at

3 Responses to ECW Welcomes Sarah Kay Bierle!

  1. I’ve become very familiar with Sarah through her blog, books, and Posts. Sarah brings a totally different yet often important overlooked view to stories that would be lost to History w/o her tireless research and the way she puts things in a totally new, factual, educative perspective. Any Blog, Magazine, or Publisher is is that much better for having her-Your Insight teaches us all, really glad your hear Sarah!!! “West -Coast” 🙂

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