Question of the Week—12/28/15-1/3/16


As ECW counts down our ten most-read posts of 2015, we’re curious: What was your favorite ECW post of this year?

4 Responses to Question of the Week—12/28/15-1/3/16

  1. The series of entries around the “Confederate Culture Wars” topic. The variety of perspectives from historians whom I respect caused me to do a great deal of evaluating and re-evaluating…and I am not even finished.

    1. Great to hear, David. As a group of colleagues, we really enjoyed pulling that together. We had much to think about on our end, too. That collection of perspectives embodies what ECW is all about. Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. As a blogger, my favorite post was actually the series I did while Dan Davis and my daughter and I trekked across Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee. The trip was epic, and to write about it while we were on the road was a great challenge and a fun journalistic treat for me.

  3. As Notre Dame and Michigan State said, “It’s a tie”. 1A: Meg’s “I got them Reconstruction Blues” in February and 1B: A book review on a book about General Lew Wallace by Mr. Quint actually caused me to order the book…and read it.

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