Year in Review 2015: #8

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We’re counting down ECW’s top ten most-read posts of 2015. Coming in at #8 is a post by Drew Gruber, one of the “Founding Fathers” of our sister site, Emerging Revolutionary War

Drew started here at ECW as a guest poster, contributing pieces for our Rev War Wednesday series as well as pieces that touched on the overlap between Rev War and Civil War history. Drew’s also interested in material culture, and on June 8, 2015, he posted a close look at a particular kind of Confederate headwear—a post that has since attracted a lot of attention this year.

Since Drew’s early posts, he’s become the executive director of Civil War Trails. Anyone who’s spent time following those fabulous signs across Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia knows what a boon the trail system has been for the Civil War community.

Our eighth-most-read post of 2015: “A Reexamination of ‘The Unique Style Confederate Hat’” by Drew Gruber

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