Year in Review 2015: ECW’s Top 10 Posts of All-Time

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This week, ECW has been looking back 2015 and counting down the ten most-read posts of 2015. Before we reveal the year’s most-read post, here’s a treat for you: the top ten ECW posts of all time!

#10:They Intended To Kill All Of Them: Battle and Death in Southwest Virginia” by Chris Kolakowski, originally posted on October 2, 2014

#9: “Telling History vs. Making Art: Killer Angels, Real and Fictional” by Chris Mackowski, originally posted on October 30. 2012

#8:Drawing the War (part five): Thomas Nast” by Meg Groeling, originally posted on July 9, 2012

#7:War Chicken” by Meg Groeling, originally posted on February 20, 2012

#6:Jackson’s Arm and the Occupy Movement” by Meg Groeling, originally posted on January 17, 2012

#5:I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day” by Meg Groeling, originally published on December 13, 2011

#4:Civil War Nurses Series: Interesting Facts about Northern Nurses” by Virginia Bensen, originally published on September 3, 2013

#3:Some General Thoughts on Maj. Gen. George Armstrong Custer” by Daniel T. Davis, originally published on August 22, 2011

#2:‘Hellmira’—A Place of ‘Terrible Memory,’ Nearly Forgotten” by Chris Mackowski, originally published on October 14, 2011

#1: “African-Americans in the Civil War (part one) and (part two)” by Steward Henderson, originally posted on November 17 and November 21, 2011


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