Question of the Week: 1/10-1/17/16


Do you have any Civil War-related New Year’s resolutions? Perhaps read a particular book, attend a particular event, or visit a particular battlefield, for instance?

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6 Responses to Question of the Week: 1/10-1/17/16

  1. 1. Read more from Mount ToBeRead

    2. Finish some of the many incomplete writing projects that are on my desk.

  2. 1. Finish a presentation on Point Lookout, a POW camp of Confederates, for my round table.
    2.Also, to work more on Mount Must Read Now!

  3. 1. Settle on the topic of my next book.
    2. Finish articles/essays already promised – and learn to STOP over-committing. 😉

  4. Richard says:

    I need to visit the Richmond, Ky battlefield. I have heard good things about their museum. Visiting Camp Nelson and the national cemetery and another trip to Perryvilke would be nice too.

    I want to read and write more this year. Correspondence from Perryvilke, Embattled Rebel and Lincoln and the Power of the Press are three on my “to resd” list to start the year.

  5. Meg Groeling says:

    Yep–read more & write better!

  6. Charles Martin says:

    Complete a diorama using William Britain as my supplier. Finished Fort Stevens (with Abraham Lincoln being yelled at to get his head down from the top of the ramparts and now adding Confederates who could have shot at him) using a photo and a diagram found on the net as a guide..

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