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ACWCThere’s a new American History Conference in Southern California! (Just in time for the 155th Anniversary Year of the Beginning of the Civil War.)

Ready to explore what was happening in America 155 years ago? Learn how the armies were formed, why the civilians supported the early war, and what really happened at Fort Sumter. Prepare to discover the life and conflicts of the Southern President, the tragedy of Lincoln’s young friend, and why both North and South wanted California.

The American Civil War History Conference “1861: Marching To War” brings seven historians and researchers to the Temecula Conference Center on Saturday, June 4, 2016, for an all-day event exploring the beginning of the most costly and controversial conflict in America’s past. Gazette665’s latest project in the endeavor to share historical information in a positive and engaging way brings an exciting new event to Southern California.

While the East Coast tends to hold monopoly on Civil War history because of the large battlefields, the western territories and states (California included) played important roles too. One of the highlights of the American Civil War Conference “1861: Marching To War” is a presentation focusing specifically on California’s Civil War history, with an emphasis on scenarios in southern geographical regions of the state.

Scheduled speakers for the conference include Bruce Carver, director of the historic Armory Band, and Robert Munson, a historian with the National Park Service. Authors Meg Groeling (ECW Author!) and David T. Dixon will share their research and will be available to sign copies of their non-fiction books. John Smoley’s studies on Jefferson Davis and the debate of Southern secession have taken him on research trips across the country, and he will present facts and research on this challenging topic. Mark Schoenberger – an experienced living historian and researcher – will speak on California’s role in the conflict. Conference coordinator and historian, Sarah Kay Bierle (ECW Member) will talk about the civilian experience and their power to raise and support the armies. All presentations will focus on and highlight aspects of the first year of the Civil War.

The history conference will be hosted at the Temecula Conference Center on Saturday, June 4, 2016. Guest check-in begins at 8:30am and the event concludes at 5pm. Lunch is provided from Panera Bread Restaurant. Registration is required to attend this event, $40 per person.

More information and registration is available at:

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