Question of the Week: 4/30-5/8/2016


What topics are you interested in seeing the Emerging Civil War Series cover in the future (i.e. leadership/personalities, social topics, armaments, etc…..)?

9 Responses to Question of the Week: 4/30-5/8/2016

  1. I would like to see more about the campaign up to Gettysburg. It seems to me to be a bit lacking

  2. Time for the Trans-Mississippi to receive some attention: MO-KS regular and irregular warfare; Arkansas and Indian Territory campaigning; the Red River and the Texas coastline operations; Sibley expedition and the California Column; early days of Halleck, Grant, Pope; little known leaders such as Ben McCullouch, Curtis, Sibley and Native American leaders John Ross, Stand Watie and Principal Chief Opothleyahola.

  3. I love reading the history of social topics (how the home front lived, what they thought, correspondence), did they hate the United States or just think Lincoln was the enemy, and whether there were anti-secession and anti-slavery voices in the Confederacy or if that was just too dangerous. Was Jim Crow just the natural extension of slavery or was the brutality (beating, burning, lynching) and enforced institutional segregation due simply to racism? Also the issues surrounding Confederate iconography that so many communities are facing. Thanks for asking.

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