ECW at Yellow Tavern

May 12, 2016 marks the 152nd anniversary of Jeb Stuart’s death. Yesterday we posted instructions to reach the monument to his mortal wounding at Yellow Tavern. It can be quite difficult to find. The Virginia contingent of ECW welcomed Jimmy Brookes, our contributor from across the Pond, to Richmond the other week. Having eaten dinner close by, we briefly swung by the Stuart monument. Apologies for the blurry photo: this was the only dry moment in a driving rainstorm.

ECW at Yellow Tavern

(from left: Matthew Guillen from the VHS, Jimmy Brookes, Chris Mackowski, Dan Davis, Ryan Quint, Edward Alexander)

About Edward Alexander

Edward Alexander is a freelance cartographer at Make Me a Map, LLC. He is a regular contributor for Emerging Civil War and the author of Dawn of Victory: Breakthrough at Petersburg.
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  1. That is a rogue’s gallery if ever I’ve seen one!

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