ECW5: Kris White


I’m very proud of what the ECW family has accomplished in five short years: multiple books series, an annual symposium, and our speakers bureau, just to name a few.

But for all that we have done, my favorite memory comes from the Saturday evening after our first symposium. That night, the ECW family was together in one place for the first time. We had really accomplished a great deal up to that point, and the symposium had come off smoothly and successfully. We were all pumped and riding a high. We had a lot of celebrate.

I also think back to the day I pitched the ECW Series to Ted. Chris and I had been working with him on our first “big book,” Chancellorsville’s Forgotten Front. Beyond that, he didn’t know us all that well, but he said the blog—just a little over a year old by that point—had already raised enough eyebrows that we had something good going on. He even surprised us by saying that he wanted to name the series after the blog because he thought we were well-branded on line and he wanted to build on that. It was a watershed moment for us.

Finally, I’m always drawn back to the night we started it all on the front porch of the caretaker’s house at the Jackson Shrine: just three friends in it all for the love of the game.

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  1. Happy 5th to everyone at ECW. Make no mistake about it, this is a A+ sight. From the highly educated editors to thd brilliant writers. Even your contributers are so intelligent, the opinions may vary topic go topic but they are all rooted in research and deep thought. This blog has not only brought me immense joy but teaches me something everyday, and for that I thank you all

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