ECW’s September Newsletter Now Available

If you haven’t seen it yet, the September edition of the Emerging Civil War newsletter is now out. This week’s 10-question interview features Meg Groeling. Plus there’s info about new book releases by Dave Powell and Chris Kolakowski, news & notes, and a look at ECW’s contributions to Virginia Tech’sĀ Essential Civil War Curriculum.

Can you guess where the cover image for this month’s newsletter was taken?


August’s newsletter had a toughie: it was the Bucktail monument in Driftwood, Pennsylvania. It was there that the assembled Bucktails shoved off on flat rafts for the downriver trek that eventually took them to Harrisburg for their official muster. It’s an extremely out-of-the-way spot for travelers today, but if you happen to head in that direction, those hills will soon be afire with autumn colors, making it one of the most beautiful places on earth. Pennsylvania’s wild elk herd is clustered in the area, too, and fall is the idea time for viewing them.

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