The January 2017 ECW Newsletter

january-2017The January 2017 ECW newsletter is now available.

In this issue, we talk about “alternative facts,” “fake news,” and how the skills of historians can help us see through the clutter. Our “10 Questions” feature profiles ECW co-founder Kris White. Our “News and Notes” section offers no fewer than six suggested readings in places like Civil War Times, Blue & Gray, and Civil War News, plus a chance to listen to some “engaging” young historians courtesy of the Mosby Heritage Area.

We also offered the very first heads-up about our latest Emerging Civil War Series title from Savas Beatie, Determined to Stand and Fight: The Battle of Monocacy by Ryan T. Quint. If you want to be sure you’re “in the know” about our latest projects, the newsletter is the perfect place to check things out.

The masthead of our December 2016 newsletter featured the gravesite of historian Douglas Southall Freeman in Richmond’s Hollywood Cemetery. Can you guess where this month’s image was taken? We like this one so much, we’re going to blow it up large for you:


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