On Location: Charleston’s Confederate Museum

Charleston’s downtown market is best known for its shops and vendors, but sitting atop the market’s western end is a treasure trove of Civil War history…

For more information:

The United Daughters of the Confederacy’s Confederate Museum (including hours)

Charleston City Market

Another fantastic collection of Civil War stuff similar to the UDC’s collection in Charleston can be found in Vicksburg’s Old Courthouse Museum. Read our ECW Weekender post.

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3 Responses to On Location: Charleston’s Confederate Museum

  1. joe truglio says:

    Been there a few times. Great stop. Highly recommend.

  2. Bob Ruth says:


    While in downtown Charleston, hope you have time to visit the slave auction museum. It’s heart-wrenching, chilling. I guarantee, you’ll have trouble holding back the tears.

  3. David Corbett says:

    Indeed, an interesting destination.

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