On Location: Charleston’s Confederate Museum

Charleston’s downtown market is best known for its shops and vendors, but sitting atop the market’s western end is a treasure trove of Civil War history…

For more information:

The United Daughters of the Confederacy’s Confederate Museum (including hours)

Charleston City Market

Another fantastic collection of Civil War stuff┬ásimilar to the UDC’s collection in Charleston can be found in Vicksburg’s Old Courthouse Museum. Read our ECW Weekender post.

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3 Responses to On Location: Charleston’s Confederate Museum

  1. joe truglio says:

    Been there a few times. Great stop. Highly recommend.

  2. Bob Ruth says:


    While in downtown Charleston, hope you have time to visit the slave auction museum. It’s heart-wrenching, chilling. I guarantee, you’ll have trouble holding back the tears.

  3. David Corbett says:

    Indeed, an interesting destination.

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