On Location: The Hunley Center

No Civil War trip to Charleston, South Carolina, is complete without a trip to see one of the most famous—and mysterious—stories of the entire war. It also represents one of the greatest conservation stories related to the war, as well.

This Friday marks the 153rd anniversary of the Hunley‘s fateful mission.

For more information:

Caroline Davis recounted the Hunley‘s story in a February 2014 blog post.

Also that month, Chris Kolakowski surveyed the technological impact of the Hunley on later submarine research.

The Warren Lasch Conservation Center—the Hunley Center’s full, official name—is operated by Clemson University. Tours are available on Saturdays and Sunday.

The Friends of the Hunley help operate the site and give the tours. Their invaluable fund-raising efforts help keep the conservation efforts ongoing. Visit the Friends’ website for details about some of the things I mentioned in the video.

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