Trying Something New – Live Tweeting @Gazette665 Civil War History Conference

In the last few months, I’ve shared about the upcoming Civil War History Conference in Southern California. I realize that many readers probably live on the East Coast (where the battlefields are) and probably aren’t going to make the trek to SoCal for a single day event. So…we are trying something new this year. We are going to live tweet the event!

That’s right, we’re taking the conference to Twitter and you can “listen” to the great presentations. Want to follow along?

If you have a Twitter account, just follow and interact @Gazette665

If you don’t have a Twitter account, you can still view the discussion and updates on the page!

Keep in mind that we historians and history buffs have to adapt to the times. That doesn’t mean we should bend the facts, but it does mean we might have to try new outlets for sharing the information. Innovation…

Civil War Trust, Emerging Civil War, National Museum of Civil War Medicine, and many other historical groups and sites are doing a fabulous job exploring these options. In fact, I love that @CivilWarMed (that’s the medical museum) live tweets from their presentations. It’s a great way to follow along or it’s like reading cliff-notes at the end of the program.

So – what should you expect if you’re joining @Gazette665 on Twitter for the June 3rd Civil War Conference 1862: Searching For Victory?

Well, we’re planning to tweet regularly through the presentations and will share photos from the event throughout the day. We’re hoping for about 8 tweets per hour. (Folks, that’s relatively slow…but I’m not a full-fledged Twitter Bird yet.)

Follow along, give us some likes, write a comment. You can even use the event hashtag to be part of the official conversation: #1862searching

Here’s the schedule of events, and it will all be on Pacific Daylight Time. Visit Gazette665’s website for more details.

Morning Session

8:30 – Registered Guests Check-In / Coffee

9:00 – Opening Remarks

1862: California’s Civil War – display and conversation, during all presentation breaks (Mark Schoenberger)

9:15 – Andrews Raid: Stealing a Georgia Locomotive (Michael K. Shaffer)

10:20 – General U.S. Grant: Three Days at Shiloh (Bruce Smith)

11:25 – The Peninsula Campaign: The War Takes A Turn (Michael L. Oddenino)

Afternoon Session

1:30 – Dr. Jonathan Letterman: Building The Foundation of Modern Military Medicine (Meg Groeling) ECW Author!

2:40 – Freedom in the Balance: Georgia Blacks During the Civil War (David Dixon)

3:50 – Then Christmas Came: The Justification & Condemnation of War in 1862 (Sarah Kay Bierle) ECW Contributor & Editor!

4:40 – Closing Remarks

5:00 – Conference Conclusion

See you on Twitter!

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  1. Sarah–we are off to a great start on twitter. Here’s my ?–just how are folks supposed to respond to tweets when our phones are off & out of sight? Just asking.

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