Our Next Cool Adventure: Turning Points

Look what arrived in my mailbox on Monday:

SIUP Turning Points Catalogue

This is the first page of the new Southern Illinois University Press catalogue, and it features the new book series Emerging Civil War is collaborating on with them, “Engaging the Civil War.” We’re doing a public-history oriented series with an academic press, which promises to offer some exciting new work for everyone involved—especially our readers. Brian Matthew Jordan and I serve as the series co-editors.

The timing could not have been more perfect for the catalogue to arrive, either. At our symposium last weekend, we announced the theme for next year’s Fifth Annual Emerging Civil War Symposium at Stevenson Ridge: Turning Points of the American Civil War.

And lo and behold, the first book in our new series with SIUP is Turning Points of the American Civil War!


Of course not. 😉

Turning Points of the American Civil War is edited by Kris White and me, and it features essays by Rob Orrison, Jim Morgan, Greg Mertz, Kevin Pawlak, Dan Davis, Ryan Longfellow, Steve Davis, Rhea Redd, Kris, and me. And something I’m particularly excited about: noted Gettysburg historian Tom Desjardin wrote a great foreword. The book is due this fall, and it’ll provide the perfect lead-in to some fascinating discussion at next summer’s symposium.

We’ll have more details about that symposium, plus a chance for you to sign up for the early-bird rate, coming next week. And people who came to this year’s symposium will receive a special offer via e-mail for an extra discount-so keep your eyes peeled at your inbox. It’ll be our fifth annual event, and we plan to do it up right, so you’re going to want to be sure to join us in person.

In the meantime, check out details about the book at Southern Illinois University Press’s webpage.

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  1. You already had told us this was happening, but is still was exciting to see a printed manifestation of the first book’s cover and first page. A big step forward for ECW, and the junction of public history and the academic press is a real step forward for the art of interpreting and presenting history. Congratulations.

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