ECW Week in Review 14-20 August

This past week, we have continued and kicked off several new series. The most prominent is an ongoing discussion regarding Confederate monuments, which we will continue later today. But first, for anyone who wants to recap the week, you may click the links below to read any of this past week’s posts.

A number of our authors, including Chris Mackowski, Brian Matthew Jordan, James Broomall, Matt Stanley, Sarah Kay Bierle, Julie Mujic and Dwight Hughes¬†shared some of their thoughts on the swirling controversy and memory surrounding Confederate monuments. Chris, who introduced the series, also shared an older post on statues of Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson.

Dan Davis kicked of a series on Jeb Stuart’s cavalry operations in August of 1862. You may read Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

Terrianne Schulte concluded her series on the 1865 Peace Conference. You may read Part 5 here and Part 6 here.

Rob Orrison discussed a postwar trip that John Mosby took to Boston and its impact on reconciliation.

Ryan Quint continued our observance of the Mexican War. He also reviewed a recent publication on Gettysburg.

Chris Mackowski also discussed U.S. Grant’s possible transfer East after his great victory at Vicksburg.

Edward Alexander discussed the role of a Colonel in a the 2nd Connecticut Heavy Artillery prior to the final assault on Petersburg.

Todd Arrington discussed the ever controversial and colorful Dan Sickles and his ante-bellum criminal trial.

Meg Groeling posted on soldiers’ games.

Guest author Neil Chatelain wrote about California’s gold and its impact on the Union and Confederacy.

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