Question of the Week Feb. 4-10

With our new site deployment coming on a Monday, we decided to push our “Question of the Week” to Tuesday.

February is Black History Month. Who is your favorite African-American to study from the Civil War era? What did he or she do?

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4 Responses to Question of the Week Feb. 4-10

  1. Bob Ruth says:

    Frederick Douglass. Brilliant writer and orator whose great mind swept away President Lincoln’s lingering feelings that African-Americans were inferior intellectually to whites.

    P.S. Great to have ECW back online.

  2. Doug Pauly says:

    Always have to go with Harriet Tubman. What a resume’, to wildly understate things!

  3. Lee Elder says:

    I’m going to cheat and say the common soldier in the African American regiments. The contributions of those regiments are important for us to study and understand.

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