ECW Week in Review Feb. 5-10

After a few weeks of work with our friends at Cyberbility, who we would like to thank again for their assistance in the site migration, ECW came back online Monday afternoon. You may click on the links below to read each post.

Dan Davis discussed the formation of the Union cavalry corps in the Army of the Potomac.

Phill Greenwalt shared a post on a visit to a cemetery in Florida.

Dave Powell reviewed a new book on Hilliard’s Legion at Chickamauga.

Our weekly Symposium Spotlight focused on Doug Crenshaw. Tickets are available by clicking here.

Doug also profiled the Richmond Battlefields Association.

Dwight Hughes analyzed a statement from James Waddell’s memoirs on Confederate naval effort to attack San Francisco.

Ryan Quint highlighted an important anniversary in the Mexican War.

Sarah Kay Bierle shared an account from a cadet at the Virginia Military Institute.

Drew Gruber wrote about his recent experiences with Civil War Trails.


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