ECW Welcomes New Author Frank Jastrzembski

Frank Jastrzembski (right)

Emerging Civil War is pleased to welcome new author Frank Jastrzembski. A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Frank Jastrzembski studied history at John Carroll University (2010) and Cleveland State University (2014). As a graduate student at CSU, his studies focused on the U.S.-Mexican War, the Ottoman Empire, and the history of cemeteries in America. He was awarded the Outstanding Graduate Student of the Year Award for 2013-14. He is currently pursuing a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) certificate at Lakeland Community College. He is eager to learn how to apply geographic technologies to historical research.

Frank hasn’t stopped writing since graduating from CSU. He enjoys writing about personalities at war more than the actual battles and campaigns. He has contributed articles to magazines such as History of War, America’s Civil WarMilitary History, and Soldiers of the Queen. He was awarded the Howard Browne Medal of the Victorian Military Society for 2015.

Frank is the author of Valentine Baker’s Heroic Stand At Tashkessen 1877: A Tarnished British Soldier’s Glorious Victory (2017). He is currently working on his second book with the same publisher dedicated to the life of Admiral Albert Hastings Markham. You may visit to view a complete list of his publications.

21 Responses to ECW Welcomes New Author Frank Jastrzembski

  1. Congratulations Mr Frank I’m becoming a part of the best history blog out there. I can’t wait to read your pieces especially with the added bonus of geography affecting the battle. I’m a big fan of this site and I’m really happy you have joined it sir.. God bless you and your family and may Providence stay with you

  2. I apologize for the errors in writing, due to health issues I have to use talk to text again for a couple weeks please forgive my multiple spelling and grammar errors I went to the University of Michigan find the marine officer Corps so I am educated but due to health issues I-4 mansion the talk-to-text just doesn’t work great. But again I am very happy to have you join the blog sir and the best of luck to you

    1. tuffncuddly : Don’t worry about it, many of us with no health issues to hinder our responses make our share of typos and grammatical errors. The important thing is the determination you have to contribute and I for one will continue to look for your posts.

      1. Dale Fishel I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support. I received a lot of kind support and encouragement from dr. Makowski and Daniel t. Davis who were very hard on this blog to make it what it is, which is the best of course. But to have someone who was just reading through the blogs offer such kind words really made me feel good. I went to the University of Michigan so I could join the officer Corps of the Marines, unfortunately my last tour did not go as planned. I have been going through physical therapy for both legs and neuro physical therapy for several years now. My parents raised me to believe in God, family, answer respect the flag which has given them such a good life. I want to thank you again for going out of your way to make me feel better. I also have counseling twice a week and I’m getting ready to tell my story. I don’t want to say too much right now but I am only here because a special unit whose motto is “I will giive my life to save yours”. As I’ve become friends through Facebook with many of the editors, authors, and overall historians who run this great blog, my counseling is making me more comfortable talking about it. I feel it would be easier just too explain my situation so everyone knew thanks to the counseling I have received. But this site is for Civil War and occasionally the Revolutionary War. Out of complete respect for what they have accomplished on what I consider Far and Away the best blog concerning the aforementioned Wars this is not the venue to talk about my personal history. Your comments came out of nowhere and really touched me and I can’t tell you how thankful I am for them, you brought a smile and a tear of joy and understanding to me. God bless you, and may the Lord look over you and your family and Providence keep you healthy and happy.

      2. tuffncuddly: Thanks for your thoughtful response. Anytime you’d like to share thoughts on life and our shared interest feel free to email me at I pray you enjoy continued improvement – you definitely have the right stuff! BTW…I share your praise for this website, none better!

  3. Welcome to ECW Frank, and may you be able to contribute soon and often. My son received his MA from CSU, and he and his wife are proud, longtime Cleveland residents. I hope to return to the region with retirement.

  4. Frank has done some great work for us so far, particularly with his Mexican-American War pieces. We’re delighted to have him come aboard as a regular contributor!

  5. Welcome to ECW–and I agree with Mr. tuffncuddly–we are the best history blog out there! I am sure yoy will only make it better.

  6. I really appreciate the kind words from everyone. I’m honored to be part of ECW. I can’t wait to get started on some new material for 2018!

  7. I found the article on General Smith fascinating. Was Lew Wallace somehow involved in the trip and fall from the rowboat?

    1. I am glad that you enjoyed it. I believe that Wallace accompanied Smith to the rowboat while they discussed military matters. Smith scraped his leg pretty badly, and he was in a decent amount of pain, but it wasn’t a life-threatening wound (at least at the time).

  8. Cool! Being former resident of Northeast Ohio, I have to ask…which part? I grew up in Lake County.

  9. Dear mr. Sterner, I know dr. Makowski and dr. Kolakowski only invite the best authors to participate in the best Civil War blog. So I want to welcome you and tell you how much I look forward to your articles. Being from Ohio as you say I must tell you as a University of Michigan graduate the coach Urban in Ohio State’s days are numbered. Coach Harbaugh is going to go through Ohio State like a wrecking ball goes through a vacant Detroit house.??? in all serious though welcome aboard sir and I look forward to your articles. God bless and may Providence watch over you and your loved ones.

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