Historic Scottsville, Virginia


Downtown ScottsvilleCivil War Trails recently spent an afternoon in Central Virginia, including time in historic Scottsville. We can’t recommend spending an afternoon in this historic downtown enough. 

Scottsville MuseumSome sites we enjoyed include the Scottsville Museum, and the Hatton Ferry, which is the last pole-operated ferry in America.

Scottsville isn’t just about history though, the James River Brewery and several local outfitters make sure there is something here for everyone.

Scottsville is just one of the many charming and unique towns that we’ll bring you to if you chose to follow Civil War Trails.

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4 Responses to Historic Scottsville, Virginia

  1. John Pryor says:

    Will have to try it. My favorites are Lexington, Staunton and Culpeper.

    • John, if you plan ahead and double check the hours (and river height) to ensure everything is open you can spend a solid day in beautiful Scottsville. The brewery, ferry, museum, and walking tour are all worthwhile!

  2. The Hatton Ferry has a very interesting history. My family and I have visited numerous times.

    Also, if you didn’t go to Lumpkin’s for a meal, you missed another great site in Scottsville!

  3. Derek Lankford says:

    I drive through this little town every time I head to and come back from Pennsylvania. Never seem to have time to stop and look around. I’ll have to do that soon.

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