2018 Civil War History Conference in Southern California

The American Civil War History Conference 1863: Battling For Freedom brings historians and researchers to the Temecula Conference Center in Southern California on Saturday, June 2, 2018, for an all-day event to discuss one of the decisive years of America’s most costly and controversial conflict. Gazette665’s third annual conference continues the company’s mission to share historical information in a positive and engaging way through publications and events.

This year Gazette665 hosts two historians from Emerging Civil War and four other skilled researchers. Daniel T. Davis will make his first appearance in California, lecturing on George A. Custer during the Gettysburg Campaign while Sarah Kay Bierle (who is also Gazette665’s conference coordinator) will present research on Richmond’s war experiences in 1863. David T. Dixon, Bruce Smith, and Heather St. Clair are scheduled to speak on a variety of military, social, and medical topics related to the third year of the Civil War. On-Site Living History, Temecula Valley Historical Society, Bailey-Denton Historic Photographers, and U.S. Balloon Corps Living History will host interactive displays at the event.

Although Southern California lacks Civil War battlefields, there are many residents who are interested in 1860’s history. It has been exciting to see Gazette665’s Civil War conference expand and gain wider influence through the recent years; this year is forecasted to be the largest Gazette665 conference to date. The event has prompted local historical societies and researchers to take a closer look at California’s Civil War history also. The West Coast certainly had conflict during the war, and one hundred fifty-five years later, interest in the Civil War remains high among patriotic and historically-minded individuals.

Gazette665’s 2018 history conference will be hosted at the Temecula Conference Center on Saturday, June 2, 2018. Guest check-in begins at 8:30am and the event concludes at 5pm. Lunch is provided from Panera Bread Restaurant and is included with all registrations. Registration is required to attend this event; Early Bird Registration (through April 15) is $40 per person, and Regular Registration is $50 per person.

More information and registration is available at: www.gazette665.com/2018-civil-war-history-conference/

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  1. I flew out to see the Vicksburg Campaign last year. I drove to see most every battle of Grant’s advance across Louisiana and Mississippi, as well as some of Bank’s battles. Id be very disappointed if there is mostly descriptions of Gettysburg.

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