Gazette665’s Third Annual Civil War Conference Report

Interest in the American Civil War continues to grow and flourish in Southern California, evidenced by Gazette665’s annual conference. Last Saturday (June 2, 2018) over eighty people gathered for this event, hosted at the Temecula Conference Center. 

The 2018 speakers were David T. Dixon, Bruce Smith, Daniel T. Davis (ECW member), Heather St. Clair, Nick Smith, and Sarah Kay Bierle (ECW member). They spoke on a variety of topics related to the conference theme, 1863: Battling For Freedom. Battles, leadership, politics, riots, women and battlefield medicine, and USCT were some of the historical niches explored throughout the day.

Speakers (left to right): Bierle, Dixon, Davis, N. Smith, B. Smith, St. Clair

This year Gazette665 partnered with several groups – Temecula Valley Historical Society, On-Site Living History, Baily-Denton Historic Photographers, and Union Balloon Corps Living History – to present historical displays and invite further conversation.

The event started early in the morning with coffee and conversation on the patio. Opening remarks launched the morning sessions which featured three presentation. Lunch hour offered the guests a catered meal from Panera Bread and the opportunity to have longer discussions with the speakers and display presenters. The conference shop remains ever-popular, and Emerging Civil War books are always a big hit! The afternoon sessions featured three more lectures, and the event concluded with closing remarks and a special announcement.

Daniel T. Davis (from ECW) shares about George A. Custer at Gettysburg

If you’re thinking about attending this annual event in 2019, there’s good news for you! The date has been set: June 1, 2019. The theme will be 1864: Fighting To Survive.

Gazette665 is a private company dedicated to encouraging history education through through quality publications and classy events. As of June 2018, the company has published 3 books and over 565 blog posts. Currently, Gazette665 is preparing to publish more books, developing more historical presentations, and planning new events for the Southern California communities.

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  1. rarerootbeer says:

    The conference was enjoyable. David T. Dixon, Bruce Smith, Daniel T. Davis (ECW member), Heather St. Clair, Nick Smith, and Sarah Kay Bierle (ECW member) were good speakers.

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