ECW Weekender: Camels at Vicksburg National Military Park!

Come on out and join the Texas Camel Corps on July 21, 2018! This special event is being held at Vicksburg National Military Park once again, highlighting a unique aspect of the western theater of the Civil War: camels!

Confederate President Jefferson Davis had – first as a United States senator, then as Secretary of War – advocated for the usage of camels as pack animals in the southwestern territories before the Civil War. United States Naval Lieutenant David Dixon Porter was ordered to the Mediterranean Sea as part of the procurement and transportation of these experimental animals. Even Robert E. Lee, as the command of the Department of Texas prior to the war, had been involved in ordering reconnaissance by camels against Apache tribes.

Finding his way to Mississippi, “Old Douglas” was a gift to Colonel William M. Moore of the 43rd Mississippi Infantry. Used to carry the regimental bands instruments and baggage, Douglas the camel was also know to spook horses otherwise not used to seeing such animals. Just prior to the Second Battle of Corinth, Mississippi, “Old Douglas” caused a stampede with quickly escalated into a full on panic with the brigade near Iuka. All of these stories and other fascinating history will be shared at this upcoming event!

Camels at Vicksburg (Photo from VNMP Facebook Event Page)

This wonderful opportunity will be available as a free program on July 21, 2018, at 10AM and 2PM located at the old superintendent’s quarters within the park boundaries. Visitors looking for directional information can stop inside the park’s visitor center for details and procure a park brochure with map. Normal entrance fees apply at $20 per vehicle (valid for 7 days). Vicksburg National Military Park gates open at 8:00AM and close at 5:00PM CST.

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Vicksburg National Military Park

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  1. Nice. California had camels as well. The Vicksburg Military Park is a “community” park. You see scores of bicycles and people walking along the roads and bus loads of people walking up the stairs to the monuments. It is promoted for its statues! The Cairo is a major “pull” into the park. Bringing camels into the park continues to give the park a “community” feeling. The entire Grant campaign fits together into one continuing battle to a finish in Vicksburg. Transportation was vital.

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