Question of the Week: 7/30-8/5/18

Recently, some ECW editors were talking about favorite places to eat or get a snack near battlefields.

Where do you like to go “grab a bite” when battlefielding? Somewhere local that we should all put on our travel list?

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  1. At Gettysburg the Appalachian Brewing Company on Steinwehr is my favourite place to eat in town but if you want something quick to take on the field with you, got to Kennie’s Market downtown. Their prepared foods section is excellent – great fried chicken – and their salad bar is always very fresh. I like to pop in there for something for lunch and then go out to the picnic area to enjoy it.

    1. Yes, love those too. Also, in downtown Gettysburg, across from the 7-11, there is a small restaurant, Food 101. It is fairly new but not to be missed.

      If in Antietam,. take some time to drive over to Shepherdstown and eat at the Blue Moon Cafe.

  2. When taking friends and relatives to visit the Civil War sites around Pensacola Bay, I would start in the morning at Fort Pickens and return to Naval Air Station Pensacola in time for lunch in the Cubi Bar at National Naval Aviation Museum before continuing tour of Fort Barrancas and Advanced Redoubt. (For those who have never been, there is more Civil War history in and around Pensacola Bay than you would believe.) And the fare at Cubi Bar is tasty and inexpensive (and the Cubi Bar has history of its own, thanks to Mount Pinatubo for closing American facilities in the Philippines — the Cubi Officers Club was packed away and shipped intact; and eventually resurrected at Navy Pensacola.)

    Press On !

  3. Oh man where to begin? If you are doing Knoxville we recommend Boyds. ( If you are in Chattanooga look no further than the Flying Squirrel. ( The list for Tennessee is endless and the #civilwartrails team has a ton of recommendations.

    If you are hanging in downtown Frederick Maryland we recommend Brewers Alley ( or Black Hog ( Baltimore you say? Absolutely must hit up Pratt Street. (

    While your are out battle-fielding you absolutely must take in the local cuisine be it a proper resturant, a smoker on the side of the road, or biscuits from a gas station.

  4. Mr. T’s Pizza & Ice Cream in Chattanooga/St. Elmo; it’s not “next” to the battlefields, but is a good stop if you’re traveling between Point Park on Lookout Mountain and the Chickamauga park. It’s across the street from the Incline Railway station. Good and reasonably priced pizza, and they make their own ice cream.

  5. My 3 favorites are: 1. near the Antietam Battlefield a small convenience store which has a deli. Located right on the Hagerstown Pike not far from the Sunken Road (General Lee’s?). 2. Near Shiloh, the Hagy’s Catfish Motel (the only place near the battlefield) and 3. Near Vicksburg NPS on Hwy 61 there is a place called the Tomato Place. It looks like they filmed Sanford and Sons there but had good food.

  6. When I did the Sesquicentennial reenactments near Antietam I discovered Bonnies@the Red Bird on the Shepherdstown Pike just outside Keedysville. I made several trips there just for the crabcakes which I felt were second to none to the ones I have had on the shores of the Chesapeake.

  7. In Gettysburg, you can’t beat Hunt’s Battlefield Fries for something quick. O’Rourke’s is the favorite for a sit down, and MR G’s is the spot for dessert.

  8. The next time you are “Going to Richmond by way of FREDERICKSBURG”…be sure to stop by the “Sunken Well Tavern” at 720 Littlepage St, Fredericksburg, Va. Frequented by locals…you’ll find the best comfort food in town & excellent specials! Breakfast is only served on the weekends and it’s not to be missed! Sunday nights you’ll find a local bluegrass band, no extra charge. Located below Marye’s Heights on the “Bloody Plain” during the battle of Fredericksburg…it’s where the main Federal battle-line came to a grinding halt. It was the original location for the Sisson’s Store. It was located on a triangle of land at the junction of Hanover Street, Richmond or Telegraph (Sunken Road) and the Swift Run Gap (Orange) Turnpike roads. The 8th Ohio arrived there on the first assault. Other units also encountered the Sisson’s Store throughout the day. All units that ventured out Hanover that day noticed it or were intimately involved with it. The building served both as a place of refuge and a focus of Confederate fire. Even at the end of the day, Union troops were forced to maneuver around it.

  9. May’s Seafood Restaurant on the Urbana Turnpike was a lot of fun, and the food was great. It is in Frederick, MD. It is–if I remember correctly–about a mile from the Monocacy Battlefield. Very family-friendly.

  10. I take one or both my daughters up to Gettysburg at least once a year. (Just got back an hour or so, actually.) We always eat our last meal in town at Friendly’s. Yeah, it’s a chain, but it has become a family tradition.

  11. Beyond a shadow of a doubt – THE best place I found Eastern or Western Battlefields was Abe’s Diner in Corinth Mississippi – Abe’s is far from a diner that most are used to. Inside is a counter for like 12-15, if you want to find a table go outside under the carport. The food is great – Home cooked fresh breakfasts or smoked barbecue at lunch time. #1 in my travels. I load up with food-to-go when it comes time to travel to Shiloh, Iuka, Brice’s Crossroads or Tupelo once I leave Corinth.

  12. In Richmond, I have always enjoyed the Penny Lane Pub. In Corinth, we always stop at Abe’s Grill. In Gettysburg we enjoy both Hunt’s and Ernie’s Texas Lunch.

  13. Brock’s Riverside Grill in Fredericksburg. We liked it several years ago when we attended a CVBT conference and went back this year and it still is a great place to eat.

  14. King’s Barbeque in Petersburg. Right next to Fort Davis – S Crater Road and Flank Road. Smoked pork minced and chopped. Don’t take my word for it. One of the best on the south by Southern Living and many more

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