Symposium Time is Nearly Here!

SR Before 2018 SymposiumAnticipation is building as we prepare for the kick-off of our Fifth Annual Emerging Civil War Symposium at Stevenson Ridge later today!

While we’re sold out, there’s room for you to follow along some of the action on our Facebook page. We’ll post live interviews all afternoon/evening starting this afternoon, and again all day tomorrow. We also have a cool announcement to share.

It’s our way to give those of you at home a little taste of the fun we’re having here! 

At 7:00 this evening, we’ll also broadcast live our annual awards presentations. The program will run about 15 minutes and will include our ECW Book Award and the Emerging Civil War Award for Service in Civil War Public History.

C-SPAN is joining us again this year. While they won’t be live, they will be taping programs this evening and on Saturday afternoon. (Unfortunately, they didn’t have enough crew to cover Saturday morning, too–sorry!) We’ll keep you posted here at ECW about when the segments will eventually air this fall.

Get ready for some excitement–it promises to be a fun few days!

2 Responses to Symposium Time is Nearly Here!

  1. Sorry to say, that because of the bad weather encountered I am unable to make the drive from Chicago. I was looking forward to this symposium. Hopefully next year will be better. The weather has been dry all July, but rain and hail prevented me from starting out on Thursday in Indiana .

  2. George, I had a family matter arise that made me cancel also. As was once said “I feel your pain”

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