The ECW Symposium on Facebook LIVE

Facebook at 2018 SymposiumThe Fifth Annual Emerging Civil War Symposium at Stevenson Ridge has been roaring along with a sold-out crowd, but even if you’re at home, you can join in on some of the fun. We’re offering a slew of Facebook LIVE broadcasts on our Facebook page. You can join along here.

On our Facebook page, we have exclusive interviews with a number of our speakers, including our keynote speaker, legendary Park Service historian Scott Hartwig. There’s lots of great stuff to check out. AND, we want you to join in the conversation with your own comments and observations. 

We’ll be posting more interviews throughout the day, so keep watching.

C-SPAN was here last night, and they’ll be here again this afternoon. The episodes they record will appear beginning this fall. We’ll keep you posted as they let us know when the episodes get scheduled.

3 Responses to The ECW Symposium on Facebook LIVE

  1. What a great event! If you really enjoy Civil War history you HAVE to come next year. I know I’m coming back. Well done ECW!

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