A Recap of our Facebook LIVE Interviews from the 2018 Symposium

RobChrisDan 2018 Symposium FB LiveIf you missed out on our Facebook LIVE broadcasts from the Fifth Annual Emerging Civil War Symposium at Stevenson Ridge, here’s a chance for you to catch up. Hosted by ECW’s Chris Mackowski and filmed by Paige Gibbons-Backus, our segments offered interviews with some of our speakers, insights from some of ECW’s historians, previews and recaps of different aspects of the Symposium, and more. (You don’t need to be a Facebook member to watch, either!)

A preview with Symposium coordinators Rob Orrison and Dan Welch.

Rob and Dan’s stunt doubles, Bert Dunkerly and Steven Phan, step in for a minute.

Bert Dunkerly offers a preview of his kick-off address, “Turning Points.”

Kevin Pawlak talks about Antietam as a turning point of the war.

A post-panel powwow with Drew Gruber, Steven Phan, Kevin Pawlak, Bert Dunkerly, and Paige Gibbons-Backus.

A Saturday-morning kick-off with Dan Welch and a look around the event hall.

Legendary Park Service historian Scott Hartwig talks about his keynote address and his current writing projects.

Greg Mertz talks about the wounding of Albert Sydney Johnston at Shiloh.

Jim Morgan talks about the battle of Ball’s Bluff and the creation of the Joint Committee on the Conduct of the War.

ECW’s chief historian, Chris Kolakowski, talks about his take-aways so far about “turning points of the Civil War.”

Spotlighting a pair of ECW’s friends, the Central Virginia Battlefields Trust and the Friends of Wilderness Battlefield

Talking Emerging Revolutionary War with Mark Malloy, Rob Orrison, and Phill Greenwalt

Joking around with one of the great one-man comedy shows in history, Matt Atkinson

Chris Kolakowski and Dan Davis talk about Ulysses S. Grant

Wrapping up at the “afterparty” at the 1781 Brewery/Wilderness Run Winery, with guest appearances by a whole bunch of folks!

Plus, watch ECW’s 2018 Awards Presentation


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