Question of the Week: 8/27-9/2/18

The ECW Weekender post about John Wesley Powell got us thinking about the post-war, civilian life accomplishments of Civil War veterans.

Is there a Civil War veteran’s post-war story or contributions that stands out to you?

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  1. Grenville M. Dodge
    Appointed Colonel of 4th Iowa Volunteer Infantry in July 1861, Dodge was seriously wounded at March 1862 Battle of Pea Ridge (Arkansas); then was instrumental in organizing an Intelligence Network that assisted General U.S. Grant in achieving ultimate Victory. Finishing his war career as Major General — and at one time in command of the XVI Army Corps — Grenville Dodge left off re-uniting the North and South, and focused instead on connecting the East and West… via the Transcontinental Railroad, completed in 1869.

    1. Dodge is one of my favorite “B-list” players as well–you stole my response! Better said than I could have, however.

  2. William McKinley, Rutherford B. Hayes, and Stanley Matthews, all from the 23rd Ohio. Two presidents and a supreme court justice isn’t too bad. I think we can even toss a few other politicians and Harrison Otis of Otis elevator in there.

  3. A moment to reflect on what might have been by all those who never lived to make a difference…….

  4. Wesley Merritt and Arthur MacArthur for what they did in the late 19th-Century Army and then combining with George Dewey to win world power status in Asia for the United States.

  5. I’m just as fascinated with Grant’s life as a writer in the last months of his life as I am with his military or political careers.

  6. Captain Eli Lilly, 18th Indiana Battery, served John Wilder’s Brigade heroically – in particular at Chickamauga. Lilly was trained as a pharmacist and later developed the mega-company that now bears his name.

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