ECW on C-SPAN: Chris Kolakowski

Kolakowski presenting 2018 copy.JPGLook for more great coverage on C-SPAN 3 this weekend from last August’s Fifth Annual Emerging Civil War Symposium at Stevenson Ridge. This Saturday, at 6:00 p.m., EDT, you can see the debut of Chris Kolakowski’s talk, “Grant Takes Command.”

After it airs, you’ll be able to see it online here:

And Rea Andrew Redd’s talk on the Election of 1864 re-airs Sunday at 10 a.m. EDT on C-SPAN 3: 

If you’ve enjoyed the discussion from our Symposium, pick up our book, Turning Points of the American Civil War, part of our Engaging the Civil War Series with Southern Illinois University Press.

Of course, as fantastic as C-SPAN’s coverage has been, they weren’t able to record all the presentations, nor can they capture all the between-the-segments conversations that go on or the great sense of community we all develop. In order to get the full experience, get your ticket now for the Sixth Annual Emerging Civil War Symposium at Stevenson Ridge, Aug. 2-4, 2019. We’ll shed some light on “Forgotten Battles of the Civil War.” Early bird tickets are only $135 now through the end of the year. Order your tickets here. (Remember, we sold out last year!)

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