Question of the Week: 1/7-1/13/18

It’s a new year…so what’s on your 2019 Civil War History bucket list?

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10 Responses to Question of the Week: 1/7-1/13/18

  1. hanspostcard says:

    At least a half dozen trips to Gettysburg.

  2. John Pryor says:

    My yearly pilgrimage to Gettysburg, more engagement with Civil War issues in my own community and local newspaper, and the Emerging Civil War Conference in August.

  3. Douglas Pauly says:

    Shiloh. Several times over the past 7 years or so I drove past that on my way out west and back. For various reasons I couldn’t or didn’t go. Shiloh and/or Hawaii this year! Keep your fingers crossed. If I win a lottery they will be visited, along with so much more.

  4. Thomas Pilla says:

    It’s not on my bucket list but it certainly is on my to-do list, attend the April CVBT annual meeting in Fredericksburg. Can’t wait

  5. Jean Hutchinson says:

    Not a trip, just a goal – to make more time to chip away at my To Read pile of Civil War books.

  6. Larry De Maar says:

    I am planning on going to the Emerging Civil War Symposium in 2019, it will be my first time. I have signed up for the ECW podcasts, wonderful. I have all the ECW books so far and will try to keep up when the new ones come out. I hope to visit battlefields before or after the Symposium.

  7. Charles S Martin says:

    Walk the field at Gettysburg with several co-workers who don’t say “Enough already” when I start talking about the Civil War.

  8. Richard Rosenfeldt says:

    writing my second book on Gettysburg, the first one titled Don’t Bring On A General Engagement is doing well.

  9. Drew Gruber says:

    All this Gettysburg, Gettysburg, Gettysburg. Geesch. Hows about Williamsburg? All joking aside, I really want to visit Averasboro, and Philippi this year.

  10. Meg Groeling says:

    I plan on attending the Bull Runnings offering on the 69th NY and other assorted Irish frivolities on May 11. Irish historian Damien Sheils will be speaking, so this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for me to bend his ear about the 11th New York as well as the 69th.

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