Symposium Spotlight: Drew Gruber

Welcome back to another installment of our 2019 Emerging Civil War Symposium Spotlight. This week we feature one of our panelists from the 2018 Emerging Civil War Symposium, Drew Gruber. Drew was one of several emerging historians that we featured on our panel presentation last year, titled “Turning Points of the Civil War.” Keep reading below to learn more about Drew and how you can see him and many others at the 2019 Sixth Annual Emerging Civil War Symposium at Stevenson Ridge.

Drew Gruber working on a Civil War Trails sign.

Drew A. Gruber has lived a life not nearly as exciting or interesting as those who fought in the Battle of Williamsburg. He is the Executive Director of Civil War Trails. He lives in Williamsburg with his wife Kate and their two cats. He enjoys reading, oysters, brown-spiritus liquors, and some peace and quiet.

Don’t forget to register for the 2019 Emerging Civil War Symposium today! Click here to go to our full 2019 Symposium webpage.

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