ECW Weekender: Watching History

It’s pretty cold out there. And that might be an understatement for the freezing, subzero polar conditions some states are experiencing. If you’re feeling like staying close to home this weekend, maybe you’d like to watch some history from the warm safety of the couch or desk chair?

Already had the yearly marathon on the couch with¬†Gettysburg, Glory, and Ken Burns The Civil War marathon? Here are some suggestions for other “history watching marathons” you might enjoy.

Gettysburg Winter Lecture Series

The entire presentation series from 2014-2018 are available on YouTube! Each “episode” is about an hour in length, and there are a variety of topics. Not just Gettysburg related lectures.

Alternately, if you’re not far from Gettysburg and suffering from a bad case of cabin fever, check out the schedule for the 2019 Winter Lecture Series. Hosted every weekend through the end of March! (As long as there’s no government shutdown.)

ECW Symposium Presentation Series

Emerging Civil War has been fortunate to work with C-SPAN to record many presentations at the Symposiums in past years. Most “episodes” are about an hour in length. If you’re an ECW fan and haven’t had a chance to hear some of your favorite authors speak, this is a great chance. (Or if you want to enjoy their presentations again!)

All filmed lectures can be found on C-SPAN’s Emerging Civil War video page.

C-SPAN Civil War

If you really want to get lost in the world of history and video lectures, spend a winter’s day rabbit-trailing through the amazing archive of lectures and presentations recorded by CSPAN through the years. Professors, authors, and researchers have given lectures on a variety of topics related to Civil War military history, leaders, slavery, culture, new books, and more. Here you can browse or search to customize the episodes on the “playlist.”

Happy browsing on C-SPAN Civil War…

Wishing you a warm and happy weekend! If you decide to have a “history marathon,” we’d love to hear what you watched and learned.¬†

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