March 2019 ECW Newsletter Now Available

Chris and StephEmerging Civil War’s March 2019 newsletter is now available. This month:

  • Editor-in-Chief Chris Mackowski (right) gives Civil War props to his daughter, Stephanie, on the eve of her wedding;
  • ECW goes behind the scenes (with cookies!) at Southern Illinois University Press;
  • we direct our 10 Questions to Kristen Pawlak, ECW’s preservation editor;
  • our historians share more than a dozen different projects in our News & Notes;
  • Emerging Rev War shares some March news and visits the spot of the Boston Massacre.

If you’re not getting the ECW newsletter, you should be! Sign up by clicking on this link and, at the top-right of the page, there’s a teal button that says “Subscribe.”

If you think you should be but aren’t, check your spam folder. Also, sometimes, when people sign up with pen and ink, handwriting can be tough to read–so if you signed up that way but still aren’t getting the newsletter, use the “Subscribe” button we just mentioned.




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