A Recap of Our 2019 Emerging Scholars Program

Dan Welch and Chris Mackowski, co-hosts of our Emerging Civil War Podcast, took to Facebook LIVE yesterday during the Grand Opening of the American Civil War Museum in Richmond. If you didn’t have the chance to watch the segments, we’ve collected a convenient archive for you here. (And we have a few pics to share, too!)

Watch their intro here.

Watch interviews with our 2019 Emerging Scholars:

Sam Florer

Ashley Towle

Kurt Luther

Ashleigh Lawrence-Sanders

Heath Anderson

Katelyn Brown

John Legg

Ben Davidson

We also had the chance to talk a bit with our co-sponsors at Civil War Monitor.

Of course, Chris and Dan had the chance to go through the new museum. You can catch their first impressions.

We had permission to take a few snapshots to share with ECW readers so you can get a taste of what the new museum has to offer:

“Weapons made by Americans to kill Americans.”
In a fragmented reproduction of Judith Henry’s House at Manassas, a display shows of a map on the Manassas battlefield sketched on a bed sheet by a wounded soldier.
Creative use of space includes a display in the floor that allows visitors to view artifacts in news ways.
Stories of enslaved blacks are projected on a double-sided burlap screen, with chains of slavery visible inside.

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