Symposium Spotlight: Books, Books, Books, Pt. 2


Welcome back to part two of our recommended reading list as part of our Symposium Spotlight series. We hope these books will get you excited about a summer reading list on this year’s theme “Forgotten Battles of the Civil War.” Have you picked up any books from part one of our series? Have you started reading yet? Let us know in the comments!

Steve Phan recommends the following works to introduce us to the defenses of Washington, D.C., forts, and the Confederate attack on Fort Stevens.

Cooling, Benjamin Franklin and Walton Owen. The Day Lincoln Was Almost Shot: The Fort Stevens Story.

Cooling, Benjamin Franklin. Mr. Lincoln’s Forts: A Guide to the Civil War Defenses of Washington.

Cooling, Benjamin Franklin. Symbol, Sword, and Shield: Defending Washington During the Civil War.

Furgurson, Ernest B. Freedom Rising: Washington in the Civil War.

Janke, Lucinda Prout. A Guide to Civil War Washington, D.C.: The Capital of the Union.

Lee, Richard M. Mr. Lincoln’s City: An Illustrated Guide to the Civil War Sites of Washington.

Quint, Ryan. Determined to Stand and Fight: The Battle of Monocacy, July 9, 1864. Emerging Civil War Series.

Spaulding, Brett W. Last Chance for Victory: Jubal Early’s 1864 Maryland Invasion

Vandiver, Frank. Jubal’s Raid: General Early’s Famous Attack on Washington in 1864.

Winkle, Kenneth J. Lincoln’s Citadel: The Civil War in Washington, DC.

To get more in depth into the Tullahoma Campaign and Chris Kolakowski’s presentation this summer, you might want to pick up one of the following works.

Daniel, Larry J. Days of Glory: The Army of the Cumberland.

Kolakowski,  Christopher. The Stones River & Tullahoma Campaigns: This Army Does Not Retreat.

Lamers, William. The Edge of Glory.

Ryan Quint notes that there is no standard-length book about the Battle of Dranesville to date, so you are going to have to dig a little deeper into the historiography learn about this forgotten battle. In addition to this five-part series run on Emerging Civil War, you may also want to look at:

Connery, William S. Civil War Northern Virginia 1861. Chapter 10.

Ent, Uzal. The Pennsylvania Reserves in the Civil War: A Comprehensive History. Chapters 1-2.

Thomas, Emory M. Bold Dragoon: The Life of J.E.B. Stuart. Chapter 6.

Much like the battle of Dranesville, the forgotten battle that Dan Welch will be exploring at the 2019 ECW Symposium, Secessionville, has not received much attention. Dan recommends the following two works to start learning about this forgotten, yet important engagement. 

Blue and Gray Magazine. “The Battle of Secessionville.” February 1999. Volume XVI, Issue 3.

Brennan, Patrick. Secessionville: Assault on Charleston. Da Capo Press, 1996.

You can find out more information about the 2019 Emerging Civil War Symposium by clicking here. Don’t forget to take advantage of our special rate for hotel accommodations in the area!

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