The 2019-2020 ECW Speakers Bureau is Now Available

Speakers Bureau 18-19-coverEmerging Civil War is pleased to announce that our new 2019-2020 Speakers Bureau brochure is now available. If you’re looking to book an ECW speaker for your roundtable, historical society, or museum, our speakers bureau brochure provides one-stop shopping!

We have twenty-three speakers listed in this year’s brochure (alphabetically), including some new names:

  • Edward Alexander
  • Todd Arrington
  • Sarah Kay Bierle
  • Sean Michael Chick
  • Stephen Davis
  • Robert “Bert” Dunkerly
  • Paige Gibbons Backus
  • Phillip Greenwalt
  • Meg Groeling
  • Steward Henderson
  • Robert Lee Hodge
  • Dwight Hughes
  • Christopher L. Kolakowski
  • Chris Mackowski
  • Derek Maxfield
  • Rob Orrison
  • Kevin Pawlak
  • Kristen Pawlak
  • Dave Powell
  • Ryan Quint
  • Dan Welch
  • William Lee White
  • Eric Wittenberg

The brochure provides bios of each speaker as well as a brief description of each of his/her talks.

The brochure also includes details on how to book our speakers. If you see something you like, shoot us an email and we can put you in contact with the speaker. Each speaker negotiates his/her own arrangements, including travel, expenses, and honorariums. We do assume that all speakers will be allowed to sell their books (if applicable).

ECW also is pleased to offer, for the first time ever, a series of talks based on our book Turning Points of the American Civil War, the first volume from our “Engaging the Civil War” Series published in cooperation with Southern Illinois University Press.

  • “Confidence Renewed”: Surviving Bull Run and the Birth of the Army of the Potomac by Robert Orrison
  • Unintended Consequences: Ball’s Bluff and the Rise of the Joint Committee on the Conduct of the War by James A. Morgan
  • “Defeated Victory”: Albert Sydney Johnston’s Death at Shiloh by Gregory A. Mertz
  • “The Heaviest Blow Yet Given the Confederacy”: The Emancipation Proclamation Changes the Civil War by Kevin Pawlak
  • Grant’s Next Chapter: Vicksburg, Chattanooga, and Grant Unleashed by Chris Mackowski (based on an essay introduction from the book)
  • “Oh, I am heartily tired of hearing about what Lee is going to do”: Ulysses S. Grant in the Wilderness by Ryan Longfellow
  • A Turning Point: Replacing Joseph E. Johnston with John B. Hood by Stephen Davis
  • Turning Points: An Overview by Robert Dunkerly (presented at the Fifth Annual Emerging Civil War Symposium at Stevenson Ridge)

Consider scheduling a speaker and then encouraging your Roundtable members to get the Turning Points book and read the essay in advance for a “book club”-style discussion. Copies of Turning Points of the American Civil War are available from Southern Illinois University Press–click here.


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